Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day Care -- A Whole New World

Today is day four of day care -- Morgan is thriving...I'm surviving. David and I found out this morning that we ask more questions about our daughter than the other parents...raise your hand if you're not remotely surprised by that! :)

Evenings at our house have turned into some sort of child care cram session -- we're both jockeying for the baby, trying to squeeze every coo and grin out of her before bedtime. Instead of washing dishes or folding laundry, we're now mesmerized by everything Morgan does, using every waking minute to make for the hours lost throughout the day. As a result our house is a train wreck, but our daughter is SO loved! Who cares about a sinkful of pots and pans, right?

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Dafinky said...

AMEN SISTA!!! In the long run, you won't remember your house a mess and your pots and pans won't remember being neglected...but you will regret those lost minutes..enjoy EVERY minute of her-you'll blink and she'll be in college.