Saturday, July 30, 2011

You Can Lead a Horse To Water

As part of one of our annual camping trips, we took Morgan to ride a horse. As with last year, Morgan got to pick a pony and circle around the corral parking lot for as long a her little heart desired. Last year, we were able to convince Morgan to get on the pony after just a few minutes. This year was a different story-

12:00 - We arrive at the OK Corral. 12:03 - We are introduced to the perp, "Rosie"

12:07 - Rosie gets a saddle and Morgan hangs on to dad for dear life (a tactic now standard with any new activity).

12:17 - Morgan has released her grip on dad but refuses to approach the "hostile and dangerous" pony.
12:23 - Morgan begins to realize that the key to overcoming any scary situation is high quality snacks.
12:35 - Morgan learns a good butt rub will also get you far in life.

12:47 - Morgan actually gets on Rosie. Rosie refuses to walk because Morgan is neither feeding her hay nor rubbing her butt. The battle of the wills begin.
12:53 - We have a cowgirl! Granted, we've been at the corral for nearly an hour and Rosie has only moved about 2 feet. It doesn't matter, my little buckaroo conquered the mighty beast!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chinese Water Torture-Morgan Style

One, I don't think water torture can be self inflicted. Two, I think it's supposed to be drops at a time, not cups. Three, I certainly don't think you're supposed to enjoy it. Looks like this kiddo's got some work to do before we send her off to Secret Agent School.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Born to Be Weird

If you've ever met my family, you know we're loud, we're rowdy, and someone is always butt hurt when they don't get to finish their story because we've already moved on to the next great punch line. In addition, we're a little weird, a little quirky, or maybe just unique.

A visit from my niece and nephew a few weeks ago confirmed we are doing our part to make sure the next generation keeps the family tradition alive -

P.S. Today is my Mama's birthday -- We love you, Mom! Aren't you proud to know

Leslie and I inherited your good looks?!?!?!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Time

Means hours and hours on the swing set, complete with pumps, under dogs, and a couple of kicks to the head -- totally worth the price of admission!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Being Short

Means getting ready for bed while camping takes a whole new level of commitment and creativity...

...not to mention the use of our only mixing bowl as the perfect stool- nice work, munchkin!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Because Chubby People Hike, Too

As part of Road Trip 2011, we went to Green River, WY to see my cousin's son graduate from high school (well done, Heath!) -- this was the view from our hotel room: One night, my super fit cousin and his super fit fiance decide to hike up to the big rock. Not to be outdone, I said, "I'll see you one hike and I will raise you two chubby folks and a toddler!"

Things started off really promising: The view from above makes this whole adventure look totally legit: And the view from below makes Morgan's tiney hiney look super cute!
(please disregard both my and David's hineys, as that view only served to remind us of why we need to hike more often)
We made it! No trips, no falls, not even any whining (from Morgan OR David!) -- we may be chubby, but we can RALLY!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

On Death and Shopping

We lost our cocker spaniel Grace today. She was 13 and we called her our "fat, little old lady dog." Trying to figure out how to tell Morgan was weighing heavily on us, but we opted for honesty...with mixed results.

Me: Morgan, Baby Grace died last night.

Morgan: Oh she died? Can I give her a treat?

Me: No punkin, she can't eat any more. She died and she won't wake up again.

Morgan: Oh, where did she go?

Me: She went to heaven.

Morgan: Oh, she went to the mall?!?!?

Why yes, she did -- because that's where all good dogs go.-Baby Grace: The Best Fat, Little Old Lady Dog Ever-