Saturday, July 30, 2011

You Can Lead a Horse To Water

As part of one of our annual camping trips, we took Morgan to ride a horse. As with last year, Morgan got to pick a pony and circle around the corral parking lot for as long a her little heart desired. Last year, we were able to convince Morgan to get on the pony after just a few minutes. This year was a different story-

12:00 - We arrive at the OK Corral. 12:03 - We are introduced to the perp, "Rosie"

12:07 - Rosie gets a saddle and Morgan hangs on to dad for dear life (a tactic now standard with any new activity).

12:17 - Morgan has released her grip on dad but refuses to approach the "hostile and dangerous" pony.
12:23 - Morgan begins to realize that the key to overcoming any scary situation is high quality snacks.
12:35 - Morgan learns a good butt rub will also get you far in life.

12:47 - Morgan actually gets on Rosie. Rosie refuses to walk because Morgan is neither feeding her hay nor rubbing her butt. The battle of the wills begin.
12:53 - We have a cowgirl! Granted, we've been at the corral for nearly an hour and Rosie has only moved about 2 feet. It doesn't matter, my little buckaroo conquered the mighty beast!

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Pam Morgan said...

Amy, you should be a comedian ... well never mind, you already are! You, Morgan and David are so very precious. Love you guys, Aunt Pam