Sunday, July 3, 2011

Because Chubby People Hike, Too

As part of Road Trip 2011, we went to Green River, WY to see my cousin's son graduate from high school (well done, Heath!) -- this was the view from our hotel room: One night, my super fit cousin and his super fit fiance decide to hike up to the big rock. Not to be outdone, I said, "I'll see you one hike and I will raise you two chubby folks and a toddler!"

Things started off really promising: The view from above makes this whole adventure look totally legit: And the view from below makes Morgan's tiney hiney look super cute!
(please disregard both my and David's hineys, as that view only served to remind us of why we need to hike more often)
We made it! No trips, no falls, not even any whining (from Morgan OR David!) -- we may be chubby, but we can RALLY!

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