Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Done With Diaper Duty

This post has actually been several months in the making, but I needed to make sure we'd officially turned the corner before I got too excited about our new little phase of life.

2008 brought us the cutest diaper butt you'd ever seen.

2009 brought with it the realization that diapers can actually double as pants (along with a pair of my knee highs, of course).

In 2010, we began to figure out that pants are overrated...and that those handy sticky tabs make for a really quick escape.

By 2011, big girl panties were on the horizon -- it was a slow road, but still progress.

And here we are today! Diapers are out, panties are in, and our landfill is just a little bit fuller.

Through it all, one thing hasn't changed-- all things potty are all things funny!

Good job my little punkin- we are so proud of you! Now if only we could get you to figure out how to mow the lawn...

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