Sunday, June 12, 2011

Poo at the Zoo

The day started out as your typical trip to the zoo. Morgan told me all about how elephants use their trunks and then pouted profusely when David told her it was time to go look at other animals.

We took lots of pictures and tried to pretend the animals were in their natural habitat.

Look -- I even cropped out almost all of the fences!!!

And then we found this...a glimmer of hope that our day (and our camera) would be filled with a little extra adventure-
Unfortunately, our hopes were quickly dashed. Either these two are just roommates or someone forgot an anniversary.

Girlfriend was SO over him

So we moved on -- at the end of our visit, we stopped at the gift shop and let Morgan choose an animal. Given the inappropriate amount of time we spent with the giraffes, I was sure that would be her pick. After much deliberation (as well as a lot of pressure from me to check out the clearance area), she finally settled on this:
...the ONLY animal we didn't actually see at the zoo! I tried repeatedly to get her to reconsider, but there was no point. Morgan and her "plamingo" were fast friends.
One last note on our little family outing. Upon waking from this nap, I asked Morgan about her favorite part of the trip. In true form she said, " We saw a mommy elephant and a baby elephant. They made BIG poops and we DON'T step in them!"

Really?!!? Three hours of prime educational opportunities and that was your take-home message? Ain't that some s**t!

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