Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'll take toddler conversations for $1,000

Scene One: David is outside shaking a rug on the lawn

Morgan -- What you doing, dadda?

David -- Just shaking out the rug.

Morgan -- Oh, you must be healthy and strong!

Scene Two: Morgan is coloring at the table

Amy -- Morgan, what is that?

Morgan -- I'm coloring, mama. Look, it's yellow, like the shun-shine!

Scene Three: Morgan is coughing uncontrollably

Amy -- Morgan, are you okay?

Morgan --- yes, mama (cough, cough) -- I just have a frog in my froat.

Scene Four (final act): Amy is talking in a fake British accent in the car

Morgan -- Stop singing like that!

Amy -- Why Morgan, what's wrong with that?

Morgan -- Because, because it's rude and it makes me makes me feel cry!


Patty said...

OH I MISS HER - Loving you Morgan - more than chocolate!!!

Dafinky said...

What a fun little attitude! Isn't it amazing how quickly they become such amazing people??