Friday, October 26, 2012


I was born and raised on Barbies. I made them clothes, set them up on hot dates with Ken, and may or may not have pretended Skipper was an illegitimate love child.  Don't judge, my mom let me watch The Young and The Restless.
When one of my friends offered to give Morgan her Barbie collection, I was over the moon. She has two boys and was worried the dolls may end up decapitated or dismembered - I assured her that Morgan would take the same pride in her new toys as I had and that another generation of little girls would fall in love with the Barbie Dream House.
Then I found this -

Which soon became this -

And eventually this.

If you look closely, you can see Morgan's Polly Pocket hanging by her ankle, as if Morgan decided to punish all her Barbies in some plastic torture chamber.  The next generation of Barbie fans might be a little twisted.  Maybe I just need to let Morgan start watching a few soap operas.  Yeah, that'll do the trick.

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