Sunday, July 21, 2013

On My List

We are headed on vacation with my in-laws for a few days, in part because we like them, and in part to escape the oppressive summer heat that has ruined my summer strategy. You see, each summer, I make David lists. Lists for the grocery store, lists for cleaning, lists for projects around the house. When it gets this hot, David ignores all of my lists and takes Morgan to the YMCA every afternoon. My lists get longer, as do the hours David spends away from the house. Before you know it, school is back in session and I am out of luck.
Little did I know, David has been making his own lists. I recently opened one of our cabinets, only to discover that not only had he been jotting down his summer plans, but he's been collaborating with our daughter. To be fair, he has included some house projects...not that any of them have gotten done yet.

To get in on the action, I decided to sit down with Morgan and come up with a few ideas together. Not surprisingly, the lists were almost identical (apparently, the 4 year old brain can only hold so many original ideas). However, on this list, Morgan took the liberty to not only add items, but to start scratching out the activities she didn't want to do, primarily the swimming lessons I had recently signed her up for.

In an attempt to redeem herself, Morgan said, "Mom, let's add some things to the list that you like to do!" Just as I raised my pen to add "movies" and "gardening" to the list, she excitedly started jumping up and down, "I know, I know!!!  Drinking beer and wine! You love to do those things!"

Girl, it's a damn good thing your dad's the one staying home with you this summer. Otherwise, I'd be teaching you how to make martinis.

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