Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Okay, fine, I haven't even seen Sharknado. But I can tell you that my child has provided me with the first indication that braces will inevitably be on our horizon. Remember when I mentioned that Morgan had her first loose tooth? Well, that little phenomenon went on for nearly a month. No progress. None. And then I figured out why. Her permanent tooth had popped itself right on up behind her baby tooth. And I fuh-reaked out. Then I did what any good parent would do...I Googled the shit out of it and discovered Morgan has what's known as "Shark Tooth". Not uncommon, not even an emergency, but still hella weird.

At first, Morgan pretended to be a shark at almost every opportunity. But then she decided that having so many teeth was more traumatizing than cool. And dinners became the world's most horrifying painful exhausting emotional experience ever. Consuming one piece of chicken We barely survived. And by "we" I mean me and two glasses of wine.

I was beginning to get nervous that we were going to have to get her tooth pulled. But then we went to visit my brother, who has 3 kids and has weathered many visits from the tooth fairy. Without a bit of warning, he reached right in her mouth and pulled that little guy out. And now Morgan thinks he's her hero. I might just have to agree.

$3.00 and one mini tube of toothpaste later, we are ready for the next round. If this experience was any indication, the tooth fairy might need to start bringing me a bottle of Merlot.

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