Saturday, September 20, 2014

Puppy Love

Morgan turned 6 last month. It was the first year she let us sing Happy Birthday to her without crying. She and I went out for a special breakfast that morning, where she swore me to secrecy. "Mom, I don't want you telling anyone it's my birthday, okay? It's my special day and I just don't want anyone to know." I agreed, not mentioning a word to our hostess as we were being seated. Within seconds, the following proclamation was being bellowed from across the booth, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AND I AM SIX AND MY MOM IS TAKING ME OUT FOR A SPECIAL BREAKFAST TODAY!!!"  Not two minutes later, we were engulfed in a birthday serenade by six waitresses and presented with the biggest chocolate doughnut I had ever seen. So much for keeping her birthday a secret.

But her birthday isn't the only secret Morgan's been keeping. You see, my daughter had gone and found herself a beau. And his name is Tyler. And he's an older man. A second grader. 

Morgan and Tyler have been two peas in a pod since last year. His mom teaches 1st grade with David, and the kids have the run of school before and after class each day. Morgan and Tyler play games, run feral, and occasionally make each other oatmeal in David's classroom. It's very romantic.

It should come as no surprise that Tyler was at the top of Morgan's guest list for her birthday party. She was so excited to invite him that we hand delivered his invitation. At 8:00 at night. On a Thursday. Morgan and Tyler hadn't seen each other all summer, so there were a few minutes of awkwardness. Until they remembered they were in love. And then they were off to reek havoc, just like old times. 

The night of her party, Morgan asked me about 5,964 times whether Tyler was coming. I assured her that he was. As soon as he arrived, all was right in the world. Don't get me wrong, Morgan was delighted to see all of her friends that night, but Tyler truly was the bees knees. As I was getting ready to post these pictures, I noticed Morgan had slyly slipped her arm around him just as I asked everyone to smile. Well played little lady, well played. 

The night was a win, complete with 2 hours of hot and sweaty kids and a shockingly minimal amount of tears.

 As the festivities wound down, the kids ate pizza and Morgan took some time to open gifts. Her friends were very kind and generous, filling Morgan's birthday with things she loved.

And then she opened Tyler's gift. You can't tell from the photo, but it's a Nerf bow and arrow. Its official name is the "Heart Breaker Bow" - a little too accurate if you ask me. After all, that's how all fairy tales start in Idaho. Boy meets girl. Girl likes boy. Boy buys girl a weapon. Boy and girl live happily ever after. These kids are off to a solid start.

For the record: In subsequent conversations, Morgan has assured me that she and Tyler are "just friends." Which I would believe, except for the minor detail that she keeps telling me how cute she thinks he is. Puppy love is just so complicated.

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Jen Shade said...

Tyler thinks the world of her as well:)