Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh What A Night

One of our community parks hosts an outdoor movie night every Friday in the summer. They set up a large screen and families gather for some good, wholesome fun. We do not participate in these events. Instead, we set up our own movie night, Redneck Style.

First, we had snacks. And yes, it is customary to pair Diet Pepsi with M&Ms. Then we set up blankets and pillows. If it wasn't so much work, we probably would have dragged out our whole damn bed.

Then we settled in for some quality movie viewing, complete with the rubber tote entertainment center. Yeah, it's leaning, we know.

We made time for an intermission. And yes, that's apple juice. We only give her beer when she's really good.

All in all, movie night went just as expected. The DVD was so scratched we couldn't get it to play for more than 3 minutes, Morgan wouldn't hold still and kept wandering off into the darkness of night, and my butt was so covered in mosquito bites that I thought I had chicken pox! Good times in the suburbs, good times.

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