Thursday, August 25, 2011

What You're Seeing Here

Is my exhausted husband, sitting in the dark with our daughter, at a bus stop. That's right, a bus stop. See, we went on an amazing vacation with my family (more stories to come), that included a night in Jackson Hole. The fact that it was the last night of our trip should have been the sign of ominous things to come. Too bad I wasn't listening to the universe.

It all started at about 5:00 am (note the pitch black background), when girlfriend decided to wake up.the.entire.hotel.screaming.bloody.murder. (We even asked the front desk -- there were complaints. Real sorry about that, Room 102.)
So David took Morgan outside - truth be told, he may have been hoping for an early morning bus route to pick her up...they didn't. We kept her.

Problem was, it was only 40 degrees. Morgan was cozy. Dad was clearly in rough shape (oh yeah, that's the face I wake up to every morning - love you, honey!)

With all that fresh morning air, Morgan started to perk right up.

And then I tried to convince David to do the same.

Fake it till ya make it, baby.

I'd like to tell you how this story ends, but I only came outside long enough to take the pictures. After all, it was cold and dark out there; someone had to keep the bed warm...just doin' my part.

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Patty said...

What a way to end our vacation :0) Morgan had been such a trouper ~ but NO one can help Night Terrors. Poor baby... it was so sad to listen to. We felt so bad for her. Yet... we survived! No way did it diminish the fun we had and the memories we made. Poor David looks like he had been beaten with a rubber hose. Way to do your part, Amy - by keeping the bed warm ;) Love You!