Thursday, July 5, 2012

We The People

I wanted to write something witty and patriotic this week.  Nothing came to me.  So I scratched patriotic I thought I would just focus on being witty.  Still nothing.  Then I came across these pictures I took a few weeks ago of Morgan standing on her picnic table, singing.  And it made me realize that maybe I was trying too hard. Sometimes, life is just simple and joyous.  Especially when you're three and the most complicated thing in your life is trying to figure out where to put your picnic table. 

But then it hit me.  One of the reason's our daughter's life is so simple and joyous is because of where we live.  Not just the suburbs, not just Idaho, but America.  Because thousands of people have sacrificed their homes, their families, and their lives to make mine a little better.  We have a a place to raise our family where our daughter can set up her picnic table and sing as loud as she wants, whenever she wants.  For that, I am grateful, and proud, and just damn lucky to live where I do.  

Look at that...I guess it wasn't too hard to be patriotic after all.

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