Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Class Act

When David and I were first dating, someone cut him off at an intersection.  Being Italian, he very loudly yelled out, "A fangul!!!" -- I am pretty sure it means something along the lines of "thank you very much" or "have a nice day."  In the midst of his outburst, David forgot his parents were sitting in the backseat.  They were not impressed.  My father-in-law, scowling into the rear view mirror, snickered "Classless, David.  Classless."  He then shook his head with bitter disappointment, as if his son was just caught robbing a bank or flipping off the pope.

Here we are, four years later.  My in-laws thought it would be funny to "teach" Morgan some French, starting with the word hamburger.  I thought the whole thing was precious, and asked her to show me what she learned.  It was totally precious, until she let out a belch that could give David a run for his money.  Classless, Morgan. Classless. But hella funny.

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