Sunday, May 12, 2013

And Holding

Yes, today is Mother's Day. And yes, I adore my mother (see that, Mom? I even put it in writing!) - but today is also another important day for our's Daddy David's birthday.
Today my precious husband turns 39. We spent much of last night talking about the things we need to get accomplished by the time he turns 40. It's going to be a busy year. Real busy.
In all of that planning, I want him to know that the single most important thing he can do this year is just keep doing what he already does every day. Continue to be an amazing father, continue to be an inspirational and motivating teacher, and continue to be the best part of my life. Okay, and maybe get a hair cut. Maybe.

I love you, David. More than you can ever imagine.

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Patty said...

Happy Birthday David! It was such a great weekend. Thank you for loving me Amy! I can't remember the last Mom's day we had together. Thank you again for hosting. I am blessed :0)