Sunday, May 5, 2013

Modern Marvel

Popcorn is one of my favorite foods. I have no idea why; it was my dinner through much of college (okay, that and half a box of wine...yes, I said box. I was poor -Franzia and I got real close). When I was little, we had an air popper. My dad would break out the machine, a stick of butter, and our salt shaker and get right to work. In a matter of minutes, he had filled our giant Tupperware bowl (in harvest gold, of course) and we were settled in for a night of J.R. Ewing and the rest of the Dallas clan.

For my birthday this year, my sister surprised me with my very own popper, complete with 45 ounces of corn. Let the madness begin.

If you have ever used an air popper, you know that things get very buck wild very quickly. The whir of the motor turns to popping craziness in a matter of moments. Kernels begin exploding and you spend much of the next few minutes trying to frantically reposition the bowl so all of the popcorn doesn't end up on the floor.

Just as I flipped the switch on, my two sidekicks came rushing into the kitchen, jockeying for a better position to watch the action. I expected Morgan to be excited about this new contraption, but David was absolutely awestruck.

 I wish I could tell you this photo was staged. It was clearly a big night for us.

In just a few minutes, we were ready for movie night. My ongoing quest to relive my childhood through my daughter was a success, other than the fact we spent the next hour watching back to back episodes of My Little Pony. Morgan had no desire to find out who shot J.R.

Given how excited everyone was about our fancy new machine, I can't wait to show them how the flush terlet works.


Hannah said...

What the fuck is a flush terlet, you popcorn eating weirdos? Something they only manufacturer in Eastern Idaho? A toilet? Are you talking about an indoor loo?

Patty said...

lPrecious pictures... Precious memories. I think I will pop some tonight :0)