Saturday, April 27, 2013

Striking Out

We are forever trying to lose weight. We are forever losing that battle. So we've decided to become a bit more athletic. We've started bowling.

Morgan and I met up with some friends who share our passion for the sport and were willing to hunker down for a night of fierce competition. Given that the oldest player was only five, I was a little surprised at the level of intensity surrounding each game. No one seemed to recognize that the fact we were using bumpers meant everyone was a guaranteed a high score.

David was at a wedding, so he joined us late...looking all fancy in his tie and sweater vest. Morgan quickly convinced him that he need to take a turn. It did not end well.

See this face? Are you picking up on the pained expression in his eyes? Does it remind of you of Morgan's incident last summer?

Automatic, built-in air conditioning. If this wasn't a family-oriented blog, I would insert a reference to there being a few too many balls at the bowling alley that night. But it is, so I won't.

Good thing they took this photo from the waist up. We may need to find a new sport. Something a little less intense. Like Foosball. Or checkers.

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