Sunday, April 14, 2013

Smarty Pants

I am writing this post under duress. I am actually only writing this post because my mom let the cat out of the bag on Facebook this week. When I (rhetorically) asked David why my mom posted anything, Morgan chimed right in, "Mom, it's because she's your mom and she's still the boss of you!" Good point.  
Here we go.  How does this:

Plus this:
 Lead to this? And yes, I am wearing a tiara...not quite sure why, but go with it.

After filling out numerous applications, submitting transcripts dating back to my first very dismal semester at college, and trying to convince David that "Dr. and Mr. Lorenzo" will look great on our Christmas cards, I got some very exciting news...I have been accepted into a PhD program in Public Policy! Student loans and I are about to become very good friends again-
Morgan initally kept trying to tell everyone I am going to become a doctor, and I had to keep reminding her that I am only going to become a doctor of thinking and that I am not going to be checking ears or giving shots.  She tried to throw me a bone and asked me if I was going to become a veterinarian. After I let her know that my job wasn't actually going to make anyone feel better, she stopped telling people I am going back to school. Frankly, I don't blame her.
Morgan then informed me that she also knows how to think and immediately wanted to show me that she can count to 100.  I grabbed the camera, ready to capture her brilliance.
Yeah, she's brilliant alright. Punk.

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