Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nowhere Fast

I posted about our adoption plans in January. I literally have nothing (well almost nothing) to report since then.Trying to navigate the adoption process is arduous at best. Especially when the prospect of bringing a child into your family means that another family must be irrevocably broken first. It means patience, perseverance, and determination. And that's all before you even meet that new little person.

Morgan is turning five this year. She is starting kindergarten. She is carrying with her the label of "an only child" - that brings with it assumptions about being spoiled, rude, entitled. I know, because I've already heard it all. When she struggles with behavior, people are quick to point out it's because she doesn't have a sibling to work through things with. When she makes good decisions, it's because parenting an only child is "easy" as David and I don't have to divide our time with anyone else.  Really, we can't win.

For the record, when Morgan is naughty it's because she's only four and still learning the rules of road. When she's spectacular, it's because she's a good little soul with two parents who love her very, very much and are just tryin' to raise her right. And those two parents are becoming more and more anxious to bring another person into the mix.

We met with our caseworker on Saturday, mostly just to remind her that we're serious, and interested, and to bribe her with coffee and scones. We talked about taking in children for the weekend to give other families a break. We talked about how hard Health and Welfare is working to reunite families rather than break them apart. We talked about just how many 12 year old boys still need a permanent home. We talked about not giving up.

And so we won't. We will continue to stay on this path, hopeful and committed. In the meantime, we will continue to raise our daughter the best way we can. And if she indeed lives her life as an "only child," she will continue to be a little ray of sunshine to everyone she meets. And we will be proud.

Send good thoughts our way-this little sleeping beauty needs a playmate.

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Patty said...

Our little sleeping beauty is perfect just the way she is! What a beautiful post... we pray every day God sends you that precious person who needs you as much as you need them. It will happen. Until then we keep making memories! Sweet Dreams Morgan. Love you, Grammie