Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scene of the Crime

It started innocently enough.  Morgan and I were outside drawing on the driveway when I had this brilliant idea that we could trace her shape and she would color it in.  Of course that's not what actually happened.

As she laid on the sidewalk completely motionless, I suddenly realized that the front of our house would be a lot more interesting if it looked like we had just taken down the crime scene tape. So we got right to work. 

At one point, Morgan started to squirm.  I, in my infinite wisdom, said "You can't move.  Look dead."  And so she did.  I probably shouldn't let her watch any more Dexter.

It was just a matter of minutes before we had a whole row of chalk outlines.  Like 27 people shaped like Gumby died on on our sidewalk.

I was totally digging our new look, but Morgan thought the whole thing lacked personality.  She asked me to take a few pictures of her next to  each outline...


After the first few shots, I noticed her smile was starting to look a little strained.  I figured it was because we had taken too many pictures, but Morgan insisted that we take a few more.  

I finally noticed the look on her face was no longer strained, but downright panic.  Just as I realized what was happening, she let out a little gasp and said softly, "Uh oh." It was too late.   Our little art project was officially a crime scene.  Let's just hope the sprinklers wash away the evidence. 


Brittney said...

Amy, I've now read through several of your posts...this is a great idea for your little family and you are so funny! Well written and fun to look at.

Vicki said...

Oh my gosh.... that is just darling. Your blog makes me laugh out loud.
You are making such great memories with your daughter!!