Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flippy Floppy

I probably should have given my husband a shout out on Father's Day.  After all, he is the World's Best Dad.  You know those coffee mugs?  Yeah, they made them for David.  

Anyway, I didn't give him a shout out because we were on one of our most buck wild camping trips yet.  We met some friends and boated to our camping spot.  There were several dads involved and lots of daughters, so the whole thing felt quite celebratory.

The trip started out fairly normal...well, normal enough when we're involved and spending some time with our redneck karaoke friends.

Before the sun set, we decided to take some time and get our tents put up. We have been camping in a trailer for the last 5 years, so inflating air mattresses was a bit overwhelming.  I had no idea we would eventually  be using our air pump as a blow dryer at 3:00 in the morning when Morgan wet the bed and we had no additional jammies for her.  I tried to make her sleep in her jeans and coat...she just stared at me and said, "but those aren't sleeping clothes."  Fair enough.

But back to our evening.  We started out with a little campfire and a spectacular s'more assembly line.  We also put together a beer and wine assembly line, which very quickly made the night much more interesting.

Over the next few hours, the kiddos went to bed, our supply of beer dwindled, and the number of items in our bonfire grew.  At one point, our friend Jeff decided to kung foo fight the fire.  Except he forgot he was wearing $2.00 flip flops from Old Navy and hadn't brought any other shoes.

Did you know plastic is really flammable?  Jeff just stood there wailing, "My flippy floppy, my flippy floppy!!!

But it was too late.  He spent the rest of the night wandering around in the darkness with one bare foot, crying in his beer.  Okay, he wasn't really crying.  Whatever.

But Jeff is a resourceful man (and an electrician), so the next morning's sunlight (okay, and sobriety) brought with it some very creative designs in summer foot wear and electrical tape.  It's like you can't even tell which one was burned.

And so we headed out to the lake.  Not only is Jeff an electrician, he has a boat.  And my husband learned how to lake surf.  Unfortunately, the entire time David was in the water, Morgan was sobbing uncontrollably.  Then one of our friends thought it would be funny to tell her there were sharks in the lake.  So she stopped crying, looked him right in the eye and said, "No there's not. There's only fish." And then she went right back to crying.  

As soon as David was back in the boat, Morgan was all smiles.  Because it was Father's Day, and we were on a boat.  With good friends and fancy shoes.  Here's to summer, and lake surfing, and flippy floppies.  Let the good times roll.

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