Sunday, January 5, 2014

Paying it Forward

When I was little, I can remember sitting for HOURS as my mom rolled my hair into sponge curlers and then sent me off to bed for a very restless and uncomfortable night's sleep. The following morning, I would sit patiently as she removed the curlers, eagerly awaiting the long ringlets that were sure to be cascading down my back. Inevitably, I always looked much more like our poodle, tight curls stuck to my head like little suction cups. My mom would try to brush them out, only to transform me into some version of a walking pom pom. No one should start second grade looking like they've been electrocuted.

As I passed through the grocery store last week, something on the very bottom row caught my eye. Sponge curlers. They still make them. I couldn't believe it. I was going to have the opportunity to pay it forward, to torture my daughter in the very same way my mother tortured me. 

Last night, I told Morgan that we were going to make her hair look JUST like Rapunzel, long and flowing. Not surprisingly, she was skeptical. After a lot of begging crying pleading persuading, she agreed. I wasted no time in rolling those bad boys right up. I then sent her to bed, warning her that if she so much as rolled over in the night, her hair would be ruined forever. No pressure.

She woke up this morning screaming bloody murder, totally panicked because one of her curlers had come loose. As I quickly unrolled them, I could see that her curls were perfect, flowing down her back in the perfect little ringlets I had always imagined but never had.

Get ready, David. I think we both know what I'm wearing to bed tonight.

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