Sunday, January 26, 2014


When David was little, he rocked a lisp. So much so that he had to go to speech therapy and practice saying "She sells sea shells by the sea shore" for months at a time. He still doesn't have it quite right, and makes weird whistling noises with his teeth when he's tired. So very charming. 

When Morgan started talking, I noticed immediately that she had inherited yet another trait from her dad. I was initially worried that we needed to get her into a speech class, but her lisp quickly became one of my favorite things about her. Because Morgan talked so early, I took it upon myself to teach her really long and really inappropriate words. My mom was less than impressed when I taught my toddler daughter how to perfectly pronounce "gonorrhea" -  

Now that she's older and actually understands what most words mean, I no longer try to get her to say things that are inappropriate (frankly, she's got that down). Now, we're just working on the English language as a whole, trying to master really complicated words like "ridiculous" - it's proven to be harder than we thought. 

Every one keeps telling me she will eventually outgrow her lisp. I am going to be so very sad when she does. 

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