Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Little Things

Going back to school has meant that I am often trading family time for homework. It has also meant that I am often listening to the ruckus of my little family while I pretend to be studious in the office. Tonight, I took a break from studying to actually cook my family a meal. As I stood in the kitchen slicing tofu and eggplant, I couldn't help but hear the thunderous cackling emanating from the living room. Johnny Cash was blaring from the stereo, barely drowned out by the screams of my husband, begging for mercy.

I poked my head around the corner, just in time to catch a glimpse of Morgan in a tutu, pinning her father in a head lock. I grabbed my camera, simply wanting to capture the juxtaposition of my ballerina daughter dominating her father at Worldwide Wrestling. Girl power at its finest.

In an instant, the timer on the stove buzzed, signaling my return to the kitchen. I began plating rice and vegetables, yelling to the two of them to make their way to the table. They both sat down, with rosy cheeks and sweaty hair pushed back on each of their foreheads. I took just a moment to breath it all in.

For as crazy as life may be right now, it is those fleeting moments that still matter the most. Those moments I witness between a father and daughter, pure and full of joy. Those moments when the rules don't apply and pillow fights are expected. Those moment when I feel a little less guilty about the time I spend with my nose in a book and a little more at peace knowing that I am part of such a special family.  For as crazy as life might be right now, I am happy. Maybe the happiest I have ever been. Ever.

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