Sunday, April 20, 2014


We now go to church. Almost every Sunday. For those of you who already go, we are glad to be members of your club. For those of you who don't, no worries - I am sure the novelty will wear off eventually.

In the mean time, Morgan has been attending Sunday school. Shockingly enough, they talk about God and Jesus. During Lent, these conversations have focused on Easter and its meaning. Last Sunday, the theme of class was miracles. Morgan was clearly struggling with this concept as we rode home.

"Mom, what is a miracle?"

"Well, it's when something good happens."

"Like how good?"

"Really good. Miracles are when something really good happens and you can't explain why."

"Oh, I get it!"

"You do?"

"Oh yeah!  Like if I decide to ride the Ferris wheel at the fair this summer.  That'll be a MIRACLE!!"

Yes, exactly like that. Because the fair and the Resurrection are practically the same.

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