Sunday, May 18, 2014


Her brows were furrowed, thoughtful and reflective as she quietly ate her sandwich. It was just the two of us yesterday, as David is away this weekend.

"Mom, I think I'm changing."

"Changing, changing how?" I watched her face intently, unsure of where her words were headed.

"I think I am becoming a different person."

"How can you become a different person?"

"Well, I have been making a lot of good choices these days, and you make good choices, so I think that means I am changing. I am just growing up a lot, Mom."

As she spoke, I watched her relax into her chair. The apples of her cheeks were flush, a slight smile turning up the corners of her mouth. She was both proud and relieved at her observation.

We finished our lunch in silence, occasionally sharing the knowing glance of two people carrying the same secret.  She is indeed changing, and we both know it. It's just that only one of us was brave enough to say it.

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