Thursday, July 23, 2015

Matched Set

Ever since she was little, Morgan has been a keen observer of similarities and differences. She loves to talk about our ages, our heights (she's quick to remind David that I have him beat in that department), and even the fact that both she and David have deep brown eyes. Morgan favors David so much that people often refer to her as his "mini me"-  it's like I did all of work bringing her into the world but get none of the credit. Unless she's being loud. Or sassy. Then suddenly she's all mine.

The arrival of her baby sister brought a new round of comparisons - people wanted to know how my pregnancies compared, my labors, and whether the girls looked like each other. What I didn't expect was Morgan's new found commitment to finding as much in common with Clara as possible. It started on Mother's Day, when Morgan asked if she and Clara could wear the same colored shirts. I did my best to find something they could each wear, especially considering Clara was six days old and I hadn't done laundry since shortly before her arrival. Given the fact you have to change a newborn's outfit 4,862 times a day, it was pretty dire. Regardless, the stage was set.

Morgan then requested matching Boppies for family room lounging:

And asked for complementary dresses for Clara's first (okay only) trip to church:

Eventually she wanted them to coordinate each time we left the house:

I finally got on board with their 4th of July outfits:

And David went full on over the top the last time he brought the girls to the office. Nailed it:

If I think back just a little, I should have known Morgan would be keen on finding ways to connect with another girl in the house. One of the first times Morgan realized she and I actually had something in common was during potty training. As all good moms do, I took her into the bathroom with me so that she could see how big girls use the potty. As we discussed bathroom logistics, her eyes grew wide. "Wait! You have a pee pee?!?!?  I have a pee pee!!!  WE MATCH!!!!" Yes, yes we do. Now just don't get any crazy ideas about matching tattoos.

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