Saturday, December 24, 2011

Feelin' The Love

Four score and seven years ago....oh wait, wrong speech.  Seven years ago today, I married my best friend. That moment marked the beginning of a wonderful journey.

We moved across the country to Idaho and bought our first house. The house in which we bought our first Christmas tree, put up our first lights, and began to create our own holiday traditions.

We became parents to the most amazing daughter, whose love makes us better parents, better partners, and better friends.

Our little adventure has not been without a cost.  Our journey to Idaho has meant we now have family and friends scattered in all corners of the globe.  Friends we once saw every Friday for cold beer and hot pizza now take months (or even years) to see again.  Family who used to live just up the street now take two time zones and three plane changes to see. 

But there is one time each year when we get to see them all.  Each December, opening the mailbox becomes more than just an exercise in picking up bills and thumbing through catalogs. It becomes our connection to the people who have touched our lives. Each December, we have watched people fall in love, seen children grow, and for just one small moment, been a part of the families we love and miss.

Thank you, for helping us stay connected and for reminding us that the world isn't such a big place after all.

Happy Holidays - May 2012 be full of wonderful adventures (and maybe a trip to Idaho)!

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Patty said...

Amy & David, You two have the kindest hearts and beautiful souls. Happy Anniversary - May God continue to bless you. We love you both so much. You and David have enriched our lives. Thank you for bringing Morgan into our family. Love, Mom & Dad