Monday, December 19, 2011

The Reason For The Season?

Yes, you read that correctly, I ended that statement with a question mark. David and I are not inherently religious people.  Spiritual might be a better word, as long as it doesn't involve attending church on a regular basis (although I did have perfect attendance in 6th grade Sunday School).  But when it comes to Christmas, we are ALL over it.  For the last seven years, we have put up a tree and hung our stockings.

But this year was the first year we put up a manger.  Since we met, we've argued every year about which type of figurines to buy.  I like the really simple ones and David liked the super traditional style. When we finally found these (thanks, Mom), we knew it was the perfect fit.  That is, until David put the set together.  As I came over to admire his work, I immediately realized something was terribly wrong. 

 You see, there was no Baby Jesus. 

In a panic, I called out to Morgan to see if she had swiped the little guy and shoved him in her purse or maybe put him down for a nap in the fridge.  She was adamant that she was not involved.  At this point, David assured me that Baby Jesus was safe and sound.  Apparently, Catholics often wait until midnight on Christmas Eve to place the baby in the manger.  This was a totally foreign concept to me, as the Baby Jesus I grew up was super glued to his little bed. 

So I innocently asked, "Just where are you keeping the baby until then?" -- Without hesitation, David slid open our end table.  Sure enough, there he was.  Needless to say, I was appalled. It's one thing to keep a Christmas tradition alive but a whole different story to keep Baby Jesus locked in a drawer. 

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Patty said...

Well your tree looks fabulous - your mantel, elegant, your stockings beautiful... poor baby Jesus! Couldn't he be placed in a more respectful space??? Just asking! Love your manger - good job. Sure will miss you this Christmas! Love, Mom aka Grandma