Sunday, January 1, 2012

Where's The Beef?

New Year's Eve was really low key this year. We actually watched 2012 arrive while watching reruns of The Office on Netflix. However, that didn't stop us from celebrating with a proper dinner. Given that our Christmas Eve had a bit of an Under the Sea theme, David and I decided the best way to ring in new year was with a big ole' slab of prime rib.

Although we were super excited for our gourmet meal, Morgan was not nearly as interested in spending quality time with Mom & Dad. In fact, when I tried to convince her we were having our own New Year's Eve party, she informed me I was wrong because we didn't have any balloons.

 But then I reminded her we had party hats...

 And all of a sudden it really was  a party.

So we raised our glasses,

Toasted an upcoming year full of new adventures,

And promptly ate a cow.

Happy New Year!!!

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