Friday, January 27, 2012

The Dark Side

January has proven to be totally uninspiring at our house.  Once Christmas passed, it was like someone took a big fat pin and popped the little bubble of joy we'd been living in.  I no longer had a reason to buy random gifts or drink too much on a Tuesday night.  Weekends kind of lost their luster when I couldn't justify making fudge every day.  Basically, life became meaningless.

And then my precious daughter was replaced one day by an angry, sick, and whiny toddler.  Girlfriend had the flu, strep throat, and pneumonia.  All in the same week.  Normally, this doesn't phase her but this little illness not only knocked her flat,she went down swinging...taking us with her.

Case in point:  
  • Last week, I tried to lovingly sweep the hair out of Morgan's eyes, only to have her karate chop my hand while yelling, "Get out of my BUSINESS!!!  Why are you IN MY FACE?"

  • While trying to get her in her pajamas over the weekend, Morgan decided her bedroom made a much better combat zone.  In her attempt to wriggle away from me, she decided to head butt both me and her floor.  Not surprisingly, her nose immediately began gushing blood, turning her carpet and my t-shirt into something that closely resembled a crime scene.

  • And if all that weren't enough, the anger management carried over into the next morning.  David went in to her room to wake her up, only to have Morgan yell, "Get out of here, you STUPID man!" --- Nothing like a timeout after being awake for less than five minutes.  Yeah, we should totally start every Saturday that way.

 It's been a long couple of weeks, which have not only made me question my parenting and my sanity, but also whether I should start replacing my morning coffee with gin and tonics.Until then, I leave you with pictures of my child sleeping -- right now, that's about the only time we're all getting along.

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Patty said...

So sorry Morgan has decided not use her "words" in a not so nice way... but she is three and cute as a button - even when she is doing naughty things (well at least her Gramma & Papa think so) Amy no booze in the morning and yes I am sure even David would encourage fudge on days like those! She is sooo cute sleeping and awake! Gamma & Papa need some Morgan hugs and kisses!