Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back In The Saddle Again

And we're back.  Morgan is no longer fighting the plague and everything appears to be back to normal at our house.  The weather, however, is another story.  We moved to Idaho for mountains, and fresh air, and snow.  As far as that goes, Mother Nature is currently letting us down.  Although I am a bit miffed about the whole thing, Morgan was pleased as punch to pretend it was spring.

The only nice thing about Morgan being sick was that she actually needed me.  Granted, it was whiny and exhausting, but she still wanted her mama. Now that's she's feeling better, I am back to being a thorn in her little independent side.  While outside on Saturday, Morgan decided she was going to make a  pedal run for it...

When I told her she'd gone far enough and that she needed to turn around, I was greeted with this stink eye:

But then she remembered that our house holds the food, and the shelter, and the fruit snacks.  So she practiced her first three-point-turn...

And decided to stick around for a while.

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Patty said...

Some days Morgan looks so big :(

I love these pictures. The one of her peddling is so darn cute and then the one of Morgan stopping to smile makes her look little again. Can't they stay little forever? She is growing too fast! Love to the Lorenzo's