Friday, February 17, 2012

Power Couple

My dad had his knee replaced this week.  In fact, I am hanging out with my parents for a few days to serve as the family waitress, nurse, and errand girl.  It's a job I am happy to have.  You see, watching your parent go through major surgery does a good bit to put a little perspective in your life. 

I watched yesterday as my father worked his ass off just to walk down the hospital hallway.  My mother followed close behind, her brows furrowed, her hands wringing with worry.  I watched as sweat rolled down his forehead, the pain overwhelming.  But he did not complain. Instead, he laughed, reaching over to take my mom's hand, letting her know he was okay. 

We talked a lot yesterday.  About mortality, about aging, about the struggles people face.  We remembered my grandfather, and how hard my grandmother worked to take care of him after his stroke.  We acknowledged our troops, and the seemingly insurmountable wounds many of them overcome after returning from war.  We even laughed about how little my dad did to help my mom after her back surgery 10 years ago, and how you just don't always understand until it happens to you.

As I watched my parents write yet one more chapter in their lives together, I was grateful.  I was grateful to have two parents who love each other and understand that what they share is precious and rare.  I was grateful to see that this surgery is bringing out the best in them, and that they are being patient and kind as he recovers.  I was grateful just to be there.

Thank you Mom and Dad, for your strength, your love, and your compassion.  You two have a real good thing goin' here. 

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Patty said...

Well... you did it. I am sitting here crying like a baby! Your post was so thoughtful and meaningful. THANK YOU for leaving your precious daughter and loving husband to come and do ALL that you did. Dad... and certainly I had no idea of what we were in for. Words cannot ever express our gratitude of you coming and staying with us. Your love is endless - we are so grateful. You made Dad's recovery a true success! I could NOT have done that first week without you. Thank you Amy - We Love You So Much! Love, Mom & Dad

p.s. The PT said today that Dad’s progress is ahead of the curve!!!