Sunday, January 8, 2012

Safe and Sound

There's this interesting phenomenon when you have a baby.  Right from the get go, everything is about keeping them safe and secure.  First, you bring them home from the hospital tied to a car seat-

Where you continue to store put them, wrapping them so tightly they can't use their limbs.

For a while, they're small enough to wash in the kitchen sink,

And they can't escape the prison known as the play pen.

 But then they learn to walk, and you have to come up with more creative ways to keep them from getting lost in the woods-

Or climbing into the dryer.

 When all else fails, you remind them that it could be worse living at the zoo-
Because dad could just start carrying them around like a baby kangaroo.

Ultimately, there's no one sure way to keep them out of trouble...which means I just need to keep looking for a bigger box to put her in.

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