Monday, September 10, 2012

Let's Get Dirty

Remember how I said 2012 was going to be the year of doing? So, yeah, we've stuck to that.  And we've recruited friends.  Last month, we took part in The Dirty Dash, which is a five mile obstacle course that just so happens to involve ridiculous costumes and beer chugging.  We were totally not prepared.
The car ride up was all fun and games.  We laughed about our witty noses, marveled at our matching shirts.  My friend Jen even rallied for some hot pink knee socks...we thought we were the bomb.  Little did we know...

See this group here?  All smiles and ready for a little jaunt in the woods?

Yeah, here we are two hours later (don't mind that dumb broad who photo bombed our foreground)- we were what I like to call a hot mess. Absolutely 100% filthy.

Oh, need a closer look?  As one girl on the trail said, "I was so dirty I had dirt in me!" She wasn't exaggerating. Like not even a little.

But we made it, and we were awesome.  I think next year we're going to try for tutus...and thongs. Good luck to everyone behind us.

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