Sunday, November 11, 2012

For Granted

David and I met in Washington, DC.  For three years, I passed by our nation's capitol every day. We took family and friends to museums and monuments, sharing with them fun anecdotes about secret tunnels and speculating as to whether George Washington really did have wooden teeth (Wikipedia says no).
Very rarely did we talk about the significance of where we lived or the immeasurable sacrifices so many people have made to give us the freedoms we so easily take for granted. But every once in a while, we would take the time to visit the places that symbolized much of what makes this country great. Places that evoked fear, despair, hope, and most of all, pride.
The flag that hung at the Pentagon on 9/11-
Arlington National Cemetery -

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier-
Vietnam Veterans Memorial-

Despite living in the midst of these powerful reminders, I will be the first to tell you I don't often think twice about how fortunate I am.  I have never served in the military and rarely thank those who have. Today, however, I am thinking. And I am grateful.

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