Saturday, November 10, 2012


Morgan has been attending the same daycare for the last two years.  I have noticed recently, however, that I have started referring to it as "preschool" to people who ask.  I am not sure why I switched it up. Maybe it's because she really does have a little curriculum and knows how to properly hold a pencil or maybe it's because calling it preschool makes me feel less judged about being a working mom.  Or maybe it's just my way to justify the check I write each month. 

Morgan's "preschool" had their Back to School pictures last month. Just prior to having her picture taken, Morgan got a horrible bloody nose all down the front of her shirt.  After a frantic call from her teacher, I had the ridiculously brilliant idea to put her shirt on backwards.  I assured the teacher that the stakes were low and that I wasn't too worried about whether the pictures turned out.  Then I saw them-

Just waiting for the call from Gap Kids. Someone needs to pay for all the 8x10s I bought.

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