Saturday, January 12, 2013


As 2012 drew to a close, I took a few minutes to reflect on each of my posts last year. What I realized very much surprised me. When I started my blog four years ago, my posts were generally brief and relatively hokey, something only a grandmother could love. As time has passed, I have grown, investing more in telling the story behind each photo, trying to paint a more complete picture of the life we live. Some of my posts continue to be dismal, but many of them are actually very funny and several have made me cry.

I have been more free to be honest, more free to be the person many of you know and tolerate. I have posted horrifying pictures of myself and cursed more than I know my mother-in-law is comfortable with. But what you see isn't always what you get.  David and I have been working on something for exactly one year, and have shared our plan with just a few people.  But sometimes, life does take a village, and I am hoping you will be a part of ours.

When I tell you that watching The Blind Side changed my life, I am not exaggerating (for those of you who don't know, The Blind Side chronicles the true story of a family that takes in a teenage boy and the tremendous impact they have on each other's lives). We were headed back from Wyoming, where we had just spent several days with my extended family -- people I love dearly and don't see nearly often enough. At the time, Morgan was just getting ready to turn three and David and I were talking about whether we wanted more children. 

As we rode home, I turned to him and said, "I think we should adopt. Not a brand new baby, but a little child. Maybe a little boy." We talked about how fortunate we are, how loving our family is, and how much room we have in our hearts for another little person. We talked about how hard life can be, and how much it would mean to make life a little less hard for someone else. We talked about how joyous childhood should be and how heartbreaking it is when it's not.

We talked about it for 6 months before we started filling out the application. Since then, we've taken classes, interviewed other adoptive families, and have gotten on a first-name basis with much of the staff at Health and Welfare. But for the most part, we've just waited. Waited to meet a person to bring into our hearts, waited to know how and when our family might grow, waited to know when our family will be complete.

We're still waiting. But I am hopeful, and I am optimistic. And there's part of me that knows sharing our story takes us one step closer to making this all a reality. I don't know when or where or how. But I know. And I am excited to see where this adventure takes us. Because, really, who wouldn't want our daughter as a big sister?


Patty said...

Amy, David & Morgan, How beautiful your post is! It doesn't matter where a precious child comes from... all that matters are he/she is love and cherished. When that little special someone comes into your life & our lives we will love them so much. Yes - Morgan will make either a fabulous Big Sister or a fabulous Little Sister to the child God is preparing to send to your loving family, to make them whole! You all are perfect for being able to extend your family and provide such love & greatness. We are excited for the future :) Love, Mom

Natalie Jane said...

How wonderful to open your heart and home to a child. What a blessing you will be.

Thanks for introducing yourself this weekend :)