Sunday, January 27, 2013


When Morgan was very little, I used to post the funny little phrases or stories she'd tell, mostly marveling at her vocabulary or how she misused words. As she's getting older, the things she says are just becoming more random:

Morgan: Eeny meeny miny mo,
              Catch a tiger by the toe.
              My mom gave me fifty bucks,
              And you are it.

Who the hell ever suggested I was giving anyone fifty dollars?

Me: Morgan, what rhymes with bridge?
Morgan: I don't know, give me a clue.
David: It's where we keep all the milk.
Morgan: Oh, you mean the udders?

Yes, because udders clearly rhymes with fridge. Clearly.

Nana: David, did your friend have her baby?
David: Yes, and she actually delivered her at home!
Morgan: Dad, someone put the baby in the mail box?

And yes, I am just going to let her think that. After she asked me about breastfeeding last week, she told her entire class how much she liked drinking milk out of my boobs.


Patty said...

Morgan is getting so big. It is good to know she is not in the know about everything!

Love you Morgan! Hugs & Kisses

Patty said...

Our two beautiful Girls! What a gorgeous picture of Momma & Morgan!