Wednesday, February 13, 2013


After Morgan's dance recital last year, we decided to mix things up a bit. Rather than keep putting her in tights and a tutu, I thought it would be good for her coordination and balance to enroll in gymnastics. I also thought it would be a good way to get her to stop doing flips off the couch and using my ottoman as a pommel horse. In case you were wondering, I was wrong on both counts.
Morgan took to gymnastics like a fish to water. It didn't hurt that half her classmates were under the age of three and Morgan was the only one of them who could follow directions for more than 30 seconds. When you're surrounded by kids still in diapers, it's real easy to shine.
When we first enrolled Morgan, we were told that they would monitor her for potential promotion to the "advanced" class. Being in the advanced class would mean Morgan would be able to practice on actual gym equipment and put real chalk dust on her hands every week. Like 50 bucks a month worth. When her instructor pulled me aside to let me know Morgan was ready to be promoted, you would have thought she told me Morgan was going to the Olympics. Naturally, I called the entire family and half the neighborhood.


Two months later, and here's what I know:

1. "Advanced" gymnastics costs us an extra $10 a month
2. No amount of practicing has enabled my daughter actually say the word "gymnastics" correctly. Her version right now sounds like "gin-ass-tics" --
3. Rather than actually learning what to do, Morgan spends an incredible amount of time just laying on the equipment.

Mary Lou Retton would be so proud.

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Patty said...

OH MY GOSH... Morgan is so cute and what a wonderful "Gi-Nastics" she is. I have watched her grow from learning to walk to balancing on a beam and doing flips on the bars. She has some serious talent! Love you Morgan