Monday, November 28, 2011

Let's Talk Turkey

I thought long and hard about posting about how grateful I am for everything in my life...then I decided that would be predictable and boring and that it would be much more fun to keep it real. Maybe a little too real.

Despite our best efforts, our Thanksgiving dinner was slightly botched.  We had all agreed that we would try to simplify things this year and go out to supper dinner.  We made reservations for noon and got all gussied up.  My dad even put on his fancy jeans.  Unfortunately, when we got to the restaurant, we discovered that someone had mistakenly given our table away.  Our rowdy group of 15 was now going to be seated at three different tables, which would not only prevent us from having any meaningful conversations but would also keep us from being our obnoxious selves -- boo.

Then I remembered a friend of mine likes to take pictures of her family eating at every major life event. Because we didn't have a lot going on with our group, I decided to give it a whirl. I started with my mom, who was totally lame. Rather than looking awkward or unflattering, she looked like some sort of Cool Whip model:

So I moved on to the boys...they did not disappoint.  The fact that several of them didn't actually know I was taking their picture is irrelevant.  They were all clearly enjoying some dried out turkey and one of them was even eating his muffin wrapper.  Toddlers rock.

By then I was feeling a little guilty. Here we were, gathered at this special time, trying to enjoy each other's company, and all I want to do was capture people at their worst. So I redeemed myself. I got a few cute pictures of my aunt and uncle, as well as a sweet photo of my cousin and her fiance. Unfortunately, their newborn was asleep and I had recently suffered from a case of the black lung, so there was no baby fix for me. Also boo.

I was, however, able to snap a few pics of the big kids, especially my niece, who is actually asking for her two front teeth this year (don't judge me, I love that song). 

In the true holiday spirit, I thought I should at least try to get a shot of my brother smiling.  Joke's on me, apparently he just looks like that.

Happy Belated Turkey Day -- I hope you got your eat on...cuz you know we did! 


Anonymous said...

That was a bizarre way to have dinner for sure. Sad, cause that was the only time we got to see you guys! Sure was nice looking up and seeing you guys "down the way." At least we were in the same restaurant though!!! LOL! Your photos are great!!! Next time we will have to do it at my house ... cramped or not!!! Love you guys, Aunt Pam

Patty said...

Well all I can say is we made a memory! Not saying good or bad??? But if I hadn't been sick ect. you know I would have been hosting our Turkey dinner. Glad to know we can count on Aunt Pam for next year ;) It was so nice we all got together - no matter where it was! Love to all!

Patty said...

Oh... I forgot to tell you ~ this post must have gone viral cause Cool Whip called me and we are talking contract ;0)