Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feeling Itty Bitty

Morgan had a really big splinter tonight.  I'd show you, but she refused to hold out her hand long enough for me to get a picture.  It looked like it was getting infected, so I knew it had to come out.  After I begged, pleaded and even tried to distract her with 254 pieces of Halloween candy, she was still convinced my actual plan was to cut her arm off, not save her from gangreen.

So I told David to hold her in a big bear hug so I could quickly go after the splinter with my handy tweezers.  That was also a no-go; Morgan started wailing and thrashing like possessed fish out of water.  Once I finally got a look at her hand, the splinter was gone.  All of the violence must have shaken it loose.

Despite the fact that I never actually touched her hand, Morgan began sobbing.  Between the tears and snot, she managed to utter the following,  " Mommy, you have to be gentle with me!  I'm just a little girl!!!!"

Point taken.


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Patty said...

"Mommy, you have to be gentle with me! I'm just a little girl!!!!" Where does she get this? Is she going on 21! So adorable and so smart! Precious and Beautiful. Loves from Papa & Grandma