Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Boo From Our Zoo

There's nothing like Halloween on a week night to put you into total Trick-or-Treat panic mode.  First, I had to get Morgan ready.   
Whoops, wrong Zebra.

Then I had to throw some sort of costume together for myself, which was complicated by the fact that Morgan insisted on "helping" me with my make-up.  Whatever I did to her, she needed to do to me.  Let's just say I am grateful there wasn't any eyeliner involved or we may have both ended the night with a visual impairment.

We were then briefly interrupted by some random trick-or-treaters, which fortunately just turned out to be Nana and Grandpa, who didn't actually want any candy. 

Once we finally got Morgan ready, the only way I could get her to stand still was to convince her our barberry bushes were the jungle.  In hindsight, that was pretty misleading.  Zebras live on the African plains, not the jungle.  So much for that teaching moment.

And here we are - ready to hit the neighborhood haunt and rock it hard on a Monday night. Morgan was the perfect girl for the job.  Her little legs carried her from door to door in lightening speed and each precious "please" and "thank you" got her just enough candy to share with Mom and Dad.  Way to be a team player.

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Patty said...

Let me first start out by saying what a precious Mommy - Daughter moment that was with pics. She turned out so darn cute - LOVE the leggings. Amy you looked sexy and David looked very dapper... Well done! Wish we could have been there. Love you!