Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Major Life Decision

I am at a crossroads.  I am getting a lot of conflicting advice and I am just not sure how to proceed.  No, I'm not trying to pursue a PhD.  No, we're not moving to Alaska to work the pipeline.  And no, I'm not pregnant (sorry, Mom).  My dilemma is much, much bigger than that.  I don't know what Morgan should be for Halloween. 

The last three Halloweens have consisted of the following:

2008:  Morgan had barely (and I mean barely) transitioned out of the blob stage.  We put her in jammies that said "It's my first Halloween, don't scare me."  She threw up on them 5 minutes later.

2009:  As you can see, I am already having issues making up my mind.  We had a little two-for-one special that year, as I got to dress Morgan up once for daycare and again for trick-or-treating.  Ironically, she also threw up at daycare while wearing the farmer outfit. 

2010:  Morgan was just learning all about the animals and my mom scooped up this little gem in some last-minute bidding frenzy.  In a related note, if you ever need an item on e-bay, call my mom.  She will not let you down.

2011: So where do we go from here?  Apparently, there's this weird thing about child development that I am just now getting used to.  These little people have opinions.  I have asked Morgan repeatedly over the last several weeks what she wants to be for Halloween.  Her answer, every time - "A shoe, Mom.  I want to be a shoe."  Really?  That's all you got?  I think we've set the bar a bit high to start dressing you as an accessory.

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Patty said...

Oh my goodness... Those adorable pictures bring back such fun memories! Yes, it is true I am the ultimate bidder/winner on e-bay. Some items have not been "winners" but the costumes I won for Morgan and Collin sure were ;0) Don't fret Amy... She will be adorable in anything - even as a big shoe! Love you Morgan xoxoxo