Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beauty School Drop Out

My father-in-law raised two boys. There was football and lacrosse, prom dates and rusty Jeeps.  Never were there any daughters.  In fact, when we found out we were having a girl, his first words were, "I hope she likes camouflage."  (for the record, she does) -

Now that Morgan's three, life is all about tea parties, imaginary friends, and a whole lotta bossiness.  Somewhere in all of that, my father-in-law developed some serious skills, not the least of which includes some impromptu beauty parlor action.  Looks like he's doing just fine having a girl around.

Confession: Unfortunately, my father-in-law actually had very little to do with the final product.  Despite his best efforts, he hasn't quite mastered the skill of rubber bands and barrettes.  We may have to send him back to beauty school.

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Patty said...

Morgan loves Nick so much! He could shave her head and she wouldn't care - Yes, Amy I know YOU would care ;0) What a good Grandpa