Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stranger Danger

Morgan's daycare has recently been focused on personal safety, including everything from holding hands in the crosswalk to avoiding strangers.  Not surprisingly, these lessons have spilled over to our conversations at home. Over the past few weeks, Morgan has been insisting that I play "the stranger"  and she play "the little girl" (original casting, I know).  Despite my best efforts to sound like a creepy bad guy, Morgan had a little trouble remembering her lines...
The next round was a little better...right up until I offered her a ride in my car.  The look on her face tells me we have a long way to go in the stranger danger department. 

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Patty said...

She is sooo adorable! Just don't turn her against Papa & Grandma when we come to pick her up - lol ... No Grandma - No Papa you are not my Mom or Dad - run away. She is smart... Please work on the candy one - lol