Monday, November 7, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do

We recently hosted our first "quasi" sleepover.   I say quasi because I finally dragged our daughter off to bed at about 10:00 but her little friends continued to party like rock stars until their parents came to get them a few hours later. David and I may or may not have nodded off in the interim.

Despite the late hour, I couldn't help but notice just how well these little monkeys were behaving.  And then a very familiar image suddenly popped into my head. I just couldn't stop myself.

They were just about the cutest little wise monkeys I'd ever seen. Of course, shortly after they took these pictures, I realized their precious behavior was just the calm before the storm.  I had no idea our light fixtures had weight limits.  Monkeys, indeed.

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Patty said...

How cute are these three little buddies! You can tell they like each other so much. p.s. Morgan's pjs are so cute! Love you Morgan!