Thursday, March 22, 2012

Party For One

Here's the thing about finally having a kid.  No one's satisfied.  As soon as you bring a little person into the world, everyone is all up in your business about when you're going to have another one.  Granted, I expect this from my family and maybe even my friends.  But the neighborhood window washer? 

A few weeks ago, the guy who was trying to get the hard water off our back windows asked me how many kids we have.  When I told him "just one" he about had a come apart.  He informed me that having just one child was a disaster, and that my daughter would grow up to be lonely and selfish.  He then told me that we needed to start working on another baby right away (to which I said, "Like right now, while you're washing our windows?" He was not amused).  From his own experience, kids that were too far apart weren't friends.  In fact, they were practically strangers. 

Of course, I thought all of this was garbage.  But then I started to wonder, are we doing our daughter a disservice? At three and a half, have we ruined her for life?

We do put her in a corner, where we make her play alone for hours...

 We've been known to leave her in her pajamas all day...

And when we do get her dressed, she tends to look more like a ten dollar hooker than a toddler-

Who needs more kids...this one's turning out JUST fine!


mlisanicole said...

So many things to say to that...1) that guy has some nerve. 2) as an only child, the one thing I've learned as I've gotten older is that you find wonderful friends along the way that become sisters, and maybe that wouldn't have happened if I had siblings, so I think Morgan will be just FINE. 3) Only children are freakin' AWESOME! (take that window man!)

Jimmus said...

I wanted another child, but it's very hard to get pregnant. You're doing wonderfully with the one you have.