Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super Trooper

I try to write a funny blog.  I actually work pretty damn hard to highlight the lighter side of our life.  But some times, life isn't funny.  It can be downright scary.  I already told you about Morgan battling pneumonia this year and my dad having his knee replaced.  What I haven't shared is that my family just had its second harrowing (if not character building) adventure with cancer.

Two years ago, my father was diagnosed with the "C" word ( cancer, not candy corn, in case you were confused).  It was prostate cancer, which is very treatable when caught early.  Fortunately, we were lucky and my dad will live many more years to torment me.

Wouldn't you know it, we got the same diagnosis for my father-in-law in January.  Because I had been through this once before, I was confident everything would be fine.  My father-in-law, however, was not so sure.  The only trauma this man has ever faced is a root canal....and maybe a few bad haircuts. Frankly, I don't know whether he was more worried about the cancer or just how terrible the hospital food was going to be.  But you know, Italians are hearty stock.  He had surgery last week and is cancer free.  Nick= 1, Cancer= 0

Welcome back, Dad.  Someone's missed you. 


MoB said...

love the last pic

Anonymous said...

Thank heaven he is cancer free! Great news!!! Pam

Patty said...

Life is precious - just a thread! We are so blessed that Nick is doing so well, it is a battle... but one worth fighting! Morgan is certainly the "apple" of her Grandpa's eye - precious. Here's to a super good rest of 2012!!! Way to go Nick, Love, Alan & Patty